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About Us, a service of North Atlantic Global Services (NAGS) is a startup that has come to stay. We have brought to the market a broad range of experience in Information Management, Business Intelligence and Logistics. This has continually helped us to understand our customers’ needs and meetings those needs swiftly, securely and in a reliable manner. As a low-cost leader in the markets we serve, our differentiation strategy is to bridge the gap between the West African market and the world by giving consumers the opportunity to shop directly from major manufacturers/wholesalers. We are strictly an Internet based company operating from the United States and Nigeria with representatives in United Kingdom and China. We currently serve the Nigerian market and we are already working on entering the Ghana market.

Our commitments
Customers are at the center of everything we do. We work with our customers to bridge the gap between them and the manufacturer/wholesaler of any goods or services they are willing to purchase anywhere around the world. Our statistics has shown that an average consumer in Nigeria or other nations in West Africa spend over 25% more on a product than their counterpart in America or Europe. This is largely attributed to the supply chain activities the product or service is involved in after leaving the manufacturer. At, we partner with our customers to procure directly for them from the manufacturers or major wholesalers hence reducing cost drastically for our customers. Our philosophy is “Pay less for the best”, and we work daily to find new and innovative ways of helping our customers save more on every transaction.

Taking advantage of our services can also save our business customers the hassles of having to obtain a visa, and spending fortunes to travel abroad for their wholesale purchases, heavy machines procurement, cars or truck purchases, wedding shopping, baby showers, etc. With just a couple of mouse clicks on our website from the comforts of your home/office, the next call on your phone is our customer service representative fixing your orders for you.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a low-cost provider of goods and services to the West African consumers.

Our Mission
To bridge the gap between the West African consumers and the global market by reducing the supply chain activities in existence between the buyer of goods and its manufacturer.