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Delivery Information

For now we only process procurement request and orders from Nigeria and Ghana. If you are placing procurement requests from these countries, our customer service personnel will discuss the charges with you before we go ahead and procure for you. For our Hot Deals items, their prices are as displayed and where the deal is already shipped and available at our office in your country this will be specified in the location tab of each deal item. You may either pick it up at our office or request a delivery which attracts a friendly delivery charge. For deals/orders that require international shipping, this will also be specified in the location tab with all charges that may be involved. Please take time to check this out and be comfortable with it before buying any item from our web portal. If your country is not mentioned above, be assured we are working on expanding and may get to you soon. You can also contact us for more information on this.

Pickup Centers:

We only have a pickup center in Lagos, Nigeria located at 17, Kodesoh Street, By Juli Pharmacy, Ikeja, Lagos - this is also our main office in Nigeria. Any home/office delivery specified at the point of order will be treated accordingly with necessary charges applied.

*At an extra cost, we deliver to customers’ homes/offices within and outside Lagos. Please feel free to discuss your location with our representative at the point of order we will surely work with you to have your order delivered to your desired location.

We do not have a pickup center in Ghana. We only do home/office delivery for now and this is only within Accra and its major cities.

Delivery Time:
Air Freight:
Our regular air freight system is the fastest and takes an estimated 8-10 business days for you to receive your order in Lagos. We also have expedited 4-6 business days; you can select this option at the point of order and you will be billed accordingly.

Please note that delivery time is calculated from the time your order leaves our shipping location and not from the time of placing the order. For customers ordering products from a U.K or China Merchants or directly from our special deal items in these countries (U.K and China); our representative will discuss the estimated arrival date with you at the time of purchase. Please note that all delivery dates are estimated, even as we are confident that your orders will arrive in a timely manner, there may be situations where shipment might be delayed for several border control reasons or logistic situation. In such cases, we always advise our clients from time to time.

Ocean Freight:
For oversized cargos, heavy equipment and vehicles we use the ACL shipping line which is noted for its reliability and swiftness in getting cargo from point to point. We usually promise our clients an estimated delivery time of 4-6weeks for orders leaving United States. For U.K or China orders, please discuss with our representative at the point of order.

It is your responsibility to assure that the product being ordered can be lawfully imported to the destination country. When you order through, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.

Delivery Charges:
Air Freight:
For Air freight, our charges varies and are dependent on the category of item in question. Our charges ranges from $4.0/lb. upward for shipment leaving the United States to Nigeria; this is excluding our service charge*. For shipment with less than 3pound* weight, we have a flat shipping fee of $15 - $25 depending on the category of shipment. For information on U.K/China freight charges, please contact our customer service representative. We only charge a service fee for procurement request. For Hot Deals items available on our website, we do not charge any service fee. Our service charge/fee will be calculated and made known to you before you go ahead and procure your product of choice. Be assured that our service charge is very competitive, for more information on our service charge please speak with our representative at the point of procurement or contact customer service at . Accra customers should also contact us for more information on air freighting charges. Please note that the shipping charges stated above is inclusive of delivery to our Lagos office for onward pickup and for Ghana customers to your requested location. You do not have to pay any fee at the point of receiving.

Ocean Freight:
Ocean freight charges are dependent on the product a customer is buying and other customs fees and import duties of the country you are shipping to (i.e. in your case as a customer, importing to). We advise that you speak with our representative to learn more about our charges for ocean freighting and some key incentives we have for you. Our charges for ocean freighting is always inclusive of all clearance charges and your goods can be picked up at our office location or delivered to you where requested. You do not have to pay any other fees at the point of receiving.

Our contact details:

If you need assistance, our customer service representatives are here to help you. To inquire more about our services at, you may contact us by email or phone and we will be glad to assist.


Nigeria Contact Center:
+234-07059647747 (Open 10AM - 5PM GMT). Please take note of this timing.

USA Contact Center:
+1862-520-7004 (Open 10AM - 5PM EST). Please take note of this timing.

Hours of Operations:

Our website is available 24/7. Email and Call assistance is also available every day except Sundays. Our customer service associate will respond to your enquiries within 12 hours of placing your procurement request.

To speak with a customer service representative, please take note of the following hours before calling:

Mondays– Saturdays: 10am – 5PM GMT (For Nigeria Contact Center) or 3PM – 11PM EST (For USA Contact Center).

Office Location:


North Atlantic Global Services LTD.

17 Kodesoh Street,

By Juli Pharmacy,

3rd Floor, Ikeja, Lagos


North Atlantic Global Services LLC.

278 Main Street, Suite 380

Orange, NJ 07050