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return to top1. How does this website works? is an online procurement service offered by North Atlantic Global Services LLC. Simply put, we act as a middle-body between you and major wholesalers, manufacturers etc. around the world. The website helps to break the barrier between consumers and wholesalers or manufacturers of goods and services by directly connecting these parties. By using our procurement request service, our customers save an average of 20% - 30% on their purchase. We also offer deals that are hard to come by in the HOT DEALS area of the website. For now we only service Nigeria and Ghana. Using our procurement services comes in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: You have a product or service in mind you are hoping to purchase and you want it cheaper than you can get it locally or this product/service is not readily available in your country, it might even be that the such product on sale in your country is not authentic or has been adulterated. You then visit our website ( and fill out a procurement request form related to what you are hoping to buy.

Step 2: Once we receive your request, our customer service representative act on it to get you the cheapest possible offer for such product/service. In situations where you already have a merchant in mind with quoted prices and website address or contact details, we also take such request and fulfill your orders. We always advise you wait at least 24hours after submitting your request before logging back into your account on our website for status of your request. Our representative may also contact you through the telephone number you provided during registration or your email, so endeavor to check your email and spam folder.

Step 3: Our associate will discuss the total cost of your order from the merchant (this normally includes the cost of product(s), shipping cost to our warehouse and taxes where applicable). Except where we know beforehand the weight of the shipment, we will only invoice you for the total cost of your order from the merchant as stated above. Once your order is received and we determine the weight, we will then go ahead and invoice you for the international shipping charges and our service fees. When you receive the invoice(s), you are expected to make a payment either online (if you choose our secure online payment option) or to our bank account in the country you reside. Because of fluctuation in the prevailing exchange rate, we always encourage our customers to make payment immediately we make available to you the invoice. The exchange rate we provided online is only valid for that particular business day.

Step 4: Once you make the payment, we go ahead and place your order. You can always see the status of your order by logging on to your account on our website. Once your order is received at our warehouse and shipped to your country (destination country), you will receive the alert and can also check its status within your account on our website.

Step 5: You are expected to pick up your shipment once it arrived at our pickup location in the destination country as you will immediately be notified. Also, depending on the shipping method and option you chose, you will be given the estimated delivery date immediately your order ships. Where you have arranged to have your order delivered to your home or office, this will be treated accordingly.

Our HOT DEALS items are products directly sold by us and these are mostly products on sale with very competitive pricing. These items may either be shipped to you from our international office or may be readily available at our office in your country. The location of the item can be looked up by clicking the location tab on any of the deals you hope to buy.

return to top2. Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your personal information. Also, we do not store any account information. 

return to top3. Can my "Ship to" address be different than my "Bill to" address?

Yes. During the order process, we will ask your confirmation for using the billing address as shipping address, otherwise, you have to enter the shipping address where you would like it to be shipped.

return to top4. How do I check product availability?

AVAILABILITY of a product can be found using search bar. When you search for an item or Deal, the Search Results page displays individual product availability. To narrow down to the product, use the Category list box on the search bar to search product

return to top5. How long does it takes for me to receive my order once it's placed?

Once a customer places an order, we move quickly to get it fulfilled. Receiving your order depends on how quickly we receive your shipment at our warehouse for outbound shipping to you in the case of online buying. In cases where your item is an in store pickup, we ship your item immediately it is picked up from the store. We always notify our customers on the estimated delivery date once their order ships. Please check your email often for alerts regarding your shipments. You can also visit our Delivery Information page for more details on this.

return to top6. What are the shipping options?

All items are shipped only after realization of the payment. We ship by Air Freighting or Ocean Freighting depending on the option you selected during order placement. For more information on our shipping options, please visit our Delivery Information page.

return to top7. What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by Bank Deposit (both online and in person) to our bank which will be provided to you during order placement. We are also working with Interswitch to implement the online payment option where you can use your bank debit card to make payment directly on our website.

return to top8. Which web browsers are recommended for viewing ? works with most popular browsers on PC, Internet Explorer 8 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 3 browsers or other compatible browsers that support JavaScript, cookies and Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). Using older browsers, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features such as JavaScript, cookies and SSL, may reduce site functionality.

return to top9. How do I change my address?

To update any information, such as your billing & shipping address please login & use your account panel to alter the same. Website will use only the billing & shipping address at the point the order is placed.

return to top10. How do I make payment for my orders?

We accept both online payment and direct bank deposit to our bank. Once an agreement is reached on the total cost of your order, your order status will show AWAITING PAYMENT. You are expected to make the payment immediately by selecting your preferred payment method failure to do so that very day will bring your order status back to PENDING. For online payment, your card will be charged immediately. For direct bank deposit, you will need to make payment to any available branch of the bank provided and come back to submit the teller number and the branch the payment was made.

return to top11. Does sell items too?

Yes! All items listed as deals on our website are sold directly by We are also working on our Marketplace project which will be launching soon. On the marketplace, you will have opportunities to buy from other sellers that will be listing their products. will be a one of its kind marketplace customized to meet your shopping needs and will be a one stop shop for all you can ever think of buying.

return to top12. How can I have my order delivered to my home or office or any other location outside your coverage area?

Please discuss this option with our customer service representative at the point of ordering your items. We deliver to customers at home or office and also outside the major cities where we have our pickup location. Please note that this kind of service comes with some extra charges but as a customer centric company, we are customer friendly and have made all our charges as competitive as possible.

return to top13. What if I do not like a product I purchase through you?

We work to make sure all our customers are satisfied with every transaction they made through us; this is our goal as a company. However, there might be cases where you may wish to return a product purchased through us, we encourage you to visit our Terms & Condition for more information on Product’s Returns & Refunds policy.

return to top14. What are your shipping charges?

Shipping charges are dependent on the weight of the shipment, the destination country and the shipping method you are using (i.e. air freight or ocean freight), for more information, please visit our Delivery Information page on shipping charges.

return to top15. What is your service charge like?

Our service charge is a very friendly rate we charge our customers for helping them fulfill their orders. We do not have a flat rate for our service charge, it is calculated based on a couple of factors such as product category, destination country, weight etc. and care has been taken to put you as a customer first. We always make known to you the service charge before your order is placed.

return to top16. Can I receive my goods first before paying?

Unfortunately we do not have this kind of service. However, based on our relationship with some customers, we may allow a part payment to be made and the balance made on receiving there goods. This kind of arrangement is only at the discretion of our management.